How to Tattoo With Just a Needle & String

Tattoos have gone on from becoming an identifier to distinguish tribes clans and slaves, to becoming a method for people to express themselves and their individuality. Most people get tattoos to stand out, or to mark out something that they want to remember for the rest of their lives.

Previously, tattoos were only found on really rugged and tough people, whom you thought you should never mess around with. However, as time has progressed, tattoos have gone on to become far more mainstream and can now be found on just about everyone. Men, women, teenagers, and people from all aspects of life seem to have tattoos.

However, getting a tattoo can prove to be a little expensive. This is why if you are looking to get a small tattoo, you could try and make it yourself at home, for a quarter of the price or even less.


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    Before you start to tattoo yourself, you need to sterilize the needle and the thread. Do so by using rubbing alcohol, since it has been proven to be the best method to sterilize needles, and it is something that can be easily found in just about any house.

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    Now take the thread and start wrapping in on your needle. Start wrapping it at about one sixteenth of an inch or so from the tip of the needle. Remember to wrap it up as tightly as you can, and ensure that it doesn’t overlap. Keep going till you end up getting all the thread on the needle, but make sure you don’t forget to wrap it tightly, while avoiding any over lapping. You need to make it go one quarter of an inch up the needle and then you can tie up or bind the remainder of the thread once you are done.

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    Now go on and sterilize the area of the skin that you want to get tattooed. This is important, since you can’t ever be too safe.

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    Dip the area of the thread that you coiled into some India ink and get ready to being. Poke yourself in the area that you want to get tattooed. However, you are going to have to keep dipping the needle back in the ink, in order for you to manage any shapes and designs. Make sure you have a steady hand and remember that whatever it is that you are doing is forever.

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