How To Apply a Temporary Waterless Tattoo

If your children mess love tattoos, they probably mess up their clothes every other day because water is an essential element required to transfer a tattoo to your skin. If you are parent, you will be glad to know that these days, waterless tattoos are being sold. These temporary tattoos stick to the skin using the body heat alone. As the name suggests, no water is required to apply these tattoos which means no mess while applying them.


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    Thoroughly wash and dry the skin area where you are going to apply the temporary waterless tattoo. This is important because there is no way you will be able to apply a waterless tattoo if any kind of dirt or oil is present on your skin.

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    There are 2 parts comprising a waterless tattoo. First is a white sheet which serves as a background for the tattoo and also keeps it from sticking to undesired places. Second is a sticky sheet which actually has the tattoo on it. Carefully separate the sheets from each other, starting at one corner. Do not touch the actual tattoo on the stick sheet in the process.

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    Keeping the adhesive side towards the skin, align and press the tattoo firmly to our skin. Make sure that you do not slide the tattoo while applying pressing it.

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    Completely cover the tattoo with your hand palm and keep it pressed for at least a minute. If you make haste and remove the sticker sheet too quickly, some parts of the tattoo will not stick to your skin.

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    After you have given one minute to tattoo to properly stick, you need to remove the sticky sheet. Starting at one corner, peel off the stick sheet very slowly. That is it. You have successfully applied a temporary waterless tattoo.

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