How to GetTattoo & Piercing Certification

Deciding to become a tattooist and piercer can be a good choice depending on the market trend and locality you intend to work in. However, after you learn the trade, you will be required to apply for a certification before you can work professionally.


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    In order to get your tattoo and piercing certification you first need to get the required education and training in this field. A degree in arts will be useful as it will teach you the basics of drawing. However, no degree will teach you much about tattoos or piercings unless you do them practically.

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    After completing your education the next step is to get an apprenticeship. Search for well known tattooists around you. You will have to impress a professional tattooist with your raw skill and determination to convince him/her to take you in as an apprentice.

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    Make an impressive resume, and apply for an apprenticeship. When called for the interview, always take your sketches with you so the tattooist can actually see your work. It is important not to lose sight of reality as you might face some rejections. And even after getting an apprenticeship, you will not be allowed to touch a client before one year. During this time you will have to just observe and learn.

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    It is recorded that most wannabe tattooists do not complete their apprenticeship and leave. This is because they are impatient and do not have the temperament for learning. Do keep in mind that this is serious business as you are dealing with a person’s skin and carelessness will not go unnoticed.

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    Try to copy what is done by other tattooists working in the shop. If you manage to mimic their moves on a piece of paper, you might see yourself working on a real person soon enough.

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    The cleaner the body piercings the better for you as it will show that you are finally ready to become a professional piercer without any supervision.

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