How to Deal With Lymphedema without Insurance

Dealing with Lymphedema with insurance is very difficult. In the United States, treatment of any disease is impossible if you do not have a medical insurance, although in some countries, like the UK, it is possible because of the social health services. Even in that case, you need to fulfill certain conditions to be eligible for a free treatment facility. Otherwise, there are some ways to manage the treatment of the problem without an insurance. These are some basic recommended solutions.


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    Search about the information on lymphedema online. There are many websites that will tell you in detail about the disease, its causes and how you can manage it or treat it on your own through some basic remedies.

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    You can also buy material about the problem in form of DVDs. The packages include all information and having the information before getting treated can help you to a great extent.

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    One of the first recommended solutions is the purpose-made lymphedema stockings. You can buy them from any shop or online. Make sure you buy from a trusted website if you are buying online and use a secure method of payment and delivery.

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    Massage the affected area on a regular basis. You can do it yourself or otherwise as you can use your partner or a friend to work for you as a therapist.

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    Look for information, you might find an organization that works in the area on voluntary basis and they can help you treat the problem. They can arrange a therapist or offer some other help to get you treated without an insurance.

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    Swimming is one of the solutions to the problem, as it increases the fluid in the affected areas. Try to plan regular swimming exercises. This will help you get better quickly.

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    Use loose clothing while you are suffering the problem. Avoiding tight clothing can simply help you get immediate relief and also helps you in the treatment.

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    You can also bandage the affected area. This can give you immediate relief. You can also be protected in your movement. However, do not tighten the bandage as it can prevent the blood flow to the area.

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