Signs & Symptoms of Allergies to Dust Mites

Dust Mites are tiny insects which usually cause allergic reactions on your body. These are very small in size and looks like mini spiders. They live in warm conditions and eat skin cells shed of humans.

Dust mites are also common cause of asthma and many of its symptoms are similar to pollen allergies. These allergies occur when your body produce antibodies against it after they fail to understand how to react with them.


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    You may have itchy and watery eyes if you are allergic to dust mites. Adding further to this misery, dark circles will appear under your eyes and they will also turn red.

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    Swelling on your face might be the symptoms of a reaction from dust mites. You might also feel pressure and heaviness on your face.

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    One of the most common symptoms evident is rashes or hives on your skin.

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    Your nose may seem itchy and stuffy all the time. In addition to these, you may also have congestion and postnasal drip. In this symptom you may be experiencing running nose all the time and sneezing.

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    Dust mites may cause itchy throat. Your throat will feel sore all the time.

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    Chest and lungs

    Severe symptoms in chest and lungs include asthma. You may experience constant coughing which will lead to difficulty in sleeping. Some other dust mite symptoms in your chest and lungs are difficulty in breathing.

    Note that if your are already an Asthma sufferer then you may experience more frequent attacks. You will become more dependent on inhalers.

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    If you or your ancestors are have history of allergies then you might have a higher risk of having dust mite allergies. Also people who are more exposed to dust and children have more tendency of having dust mites allergies.

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    Only taking measures of reducing the number of dust mites in your home will lower the allergic reactions. Bedding and carpeting are perfect habitats for dust mites. Thus you need to cover your bed and mattresses with dust mite proof covers. If your house is carpeted then you need to remove or reduce it. You should also get rid of upholstered furniture to reduce dust mites. You should dust your house every day or thoroughly once a week depending on the place your are living. You can use damp clothes in order to remove dust on your things and you can vacuum your house regularly.

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