4 Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Tests You Should Ask Your Doctor About

If you’re concerned about lapses in memory, or if you love someone and have concerns it is a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor and get examined. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the top reasons dementia symptoms begin to appear. The earlier that you get treatment; the better chance you will have for slowing the disease process down, so you will have more years of activity and contentment. Read on to learn about the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, and how doctors use tests to help confirm a diagnosis of the disease.

When my father first started showing the symptoms of Alzheimer dementia, it was not seen as distinguishable from other diseases. It was viewed as an old age disease, with no distinct differentiation between the causes. The problem for my father’s doctors was that my father was not old; he was only in his early 50s in 1980. It was almost thought of as a disease itself, instead of symptoms of a disease. It’s is sad to think of because some of the diseases that are associated with Alzheimer’s today can be treated. Some of the diseases that are treatable are listed below.

� Depression
� Alcoholism
� Thyroid disturbances
� Kidney problems
� Vitamin B 12 or E deficiency

There are other more serious causes of dementia such as brain tumors, or even blood clots in the brain.

The goal of researchers is to identify the disease early enough, before the symptoms are evident by yourself and others. If you are noticing symptoms, there are a few tests that will help your doctor determine what’s going on with your body. Ruling out the possibilities of what is causing the symptoms of dementia is the first task.

Blood tests are done to rule out any problems for your thyroid, kidney or vitamin B 12 or E deficiency’s. If all is normal, your doctor will more than likely set you up for series of tests to look at your brain, and to find any abnormalities. A PET and SPECT scan, and a MRI enable them see into your brain, and will help them determine what’s going on. Your doctor will order some mental functioning tests too, to see where you are at as far as mental cognitive skills. All of these tests are necessary, so they can help you find the correct treatment for your condition.

Hope is on the horizon for new ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s. You can find out information on the Internet that will keep you up to date. The website www.alz.org and www.alzheimers.org are two excellent sources to read. Do not forget to go to www.ninds.nih.gov too. It is never too late for hope for yourself and for others because today, you don’t have to be like my father, and wait for a diagnosis and treatment. He lost so much time that he could have been spending under treatment, and have lived a more productive and longer life. Stand up to Alzheimer’s symptoms and take charge, just as I know that my father would have if he had been given the choice.

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