How to Prevent Kidney Damage From Antibiotics

Although antibiotics are important to treat many health problems, especially bacterial infections, but their usage has many side effects as well. Kidney damage is the one among the major side effects of the Antibiotics’ usage. Every medication that a patient takes is sifted (filtered) by the pair of kidneys and is excreted in the form of urine. However, natural methods are available in the form of various home remedies in order to prevent kidney damage from the antibiotics. Follow them while taking antibiotics and enjoy healthy kidneys!


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    Water Can do Wonders for your Kidneys

    Once you take antibiotics, drink plenty of water. Now continue the proper intake of water throughout the day, imbibing at 64 ounces (½ of a gallon) of water a day. It helps in flushing out the antibiotics that passes through your kidneys.

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    Drink Fresh Cranberry Juice

    Pure cranberry juice is another perfect home remedy to prevent kidney damage from antibiotics. It nicely flushes out the all the bacteria, which are possible sources of kidney damage. Drink at least one large glass of freshly squeezed cranberry juice during the days while taking antibiotics. We are sure you will love the refreshing flavour of the juice.

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    No Smoking Please!

    Smoking during the days of antibiotics’ intake is harmful for your kidneys. Known to you, smoking is already very injurious for kidneys. Now when the antibiotics accompany it, your kidney will be in deep trouble. If you cannot quit smoking permanently, then at least avoid it until you are on antibiotics.

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    Keep an eye on your Blood Sugar

    If you are a diabetic patient and taking antibiotics as well, you can be an easy victim of kidney issues. So make sure to check your blood sugar level as frequently as you can. Bring all the sources into use in order to keep your blood pressure under control while taking medicines. High blood pressure leads to kidney failure.

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    Stay Away from

    During the days when you are on antibiotics, try your best to stay away from the pain killers and acetaminophen as much as you can. They are hard on your kidneys as they deteriorate your kidneys’ filtering process. By avoiding them you can trim down the pressure on your kidneys, reducing the chances of kidney damage.

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    More Things to Avoid

    Substances like alcohol drinks, carbonated drinks, caffeine drinks and salt are the ones hard on your kidneys, reducing the ability to filter urine. They can make your condition more severe if you continue their intake while taking antibiotics.

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    Healthy Diet and Exercise

    Healthy and balance diet can play vital role in reducing the chances of kidney damage during antibiotics intake. Prefer leafy vegetables and juicy fruits as they contain high liquid ratio. Additional, exercising half an hour to one hour a day also helps in reducing the chances of kidney issues.

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