How to Deal With Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one among the most annoying pests that don’t miss any chance to find their way to you and your house. Finding them and doing away with them is no doubt a very daunting task. Just when you think they all moved out, the buzzing blood suckers hit again from various parts of your house. But, you cannot let them go as it’s not like mosquitoes are just annoying, they can spread many diseases. A little mosquito’s bite can bring about the most incurable diseases. Dengue (one of the most endemic and perilous diseases in the world), Malaria, Ross River virus infection, Barmah Forest virus infection, Yellow fever, Murray Valley encephalitis, and Japanese encephalitis etc are some of the fetal diseases spread by mosquitoes. So are you ready to deal with Mosquitoes? Here we go…


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    Catch a Buzz

    Are you good at catching things? Use your ability and do not miss any chance to catch the buzz. They moment you see a mosquito entering your territory, use both your hand to grab it and crush it in between your palms. It requires slight practice and you will be all set to go for it. However, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly once you crush the mosquito or simple wear disposable gloves before attacking them.

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    Keep windows and doors closed

    Make sure to keep all the windows and doors of our house closed, especially right after the sunset. Cover your windows with curtains.

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    House Garbage Bins- Mosquitoes’ Home Sweet Home

    Garbage and unhygienic living conditions are one among the main source of attraction for mosquitoes. Always keep all the garbage bins of your house clean, disposing off the waste materials on daily basis. It is better to use a garbage bins or dust bins with a lid so that you can keep it covered all the time.

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    Keep utensils clean & covered

    Unwashed utensils are source of food for the mosquitoes. Wash them at the end of meal, wipe them dry, and cover them properly. Otherwise, place them in the kitchen rack with the face side down.

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    Cover the food items

    The smell of food items travel around by dissolving into the air and make it easy for the mosquitoes to find their way to the food. Place food items in refrigerator or keep them covered.

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    Use citronella candles

    Citronella candles are effective mosquito traps. Set them somewhere out of the reach of children and pet animals.

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    Close openings around house

    The holes and tears around doors, windows and screens can provide the mosquitoes an easy way to enter your territory identify them and make proper arrangement to close all opening.

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    Try mosquito repellents

    Mosquito repellents are very effective in dealing with these annoying creatures. Spray it in the areas mostly visited by mosquitoes, following the instruction given on its cover. However make sure to use fine quality repellent to get the desired results. Learn how to Choose Mosquito Repellent.

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    Make your own natural mosquito repellent

    If you think that the commercial mosquito repellent contains toxic chemicals or expensive to buy, make your own natural mosquito repellent at home. It is as effective as the commercial repellent. Peel 10 to 12 garlic cloves and place them in a small cooking pot. Pour 2 cups of tepid water into the pot and bring it boil. Let the mixture simmer for 8 to 10 minutes, keeping the pot covered. Remove garlic-mixture form heat and set aside until cool will. Discard the garlic cloves and dispense the solution into an empty watering tank. Top it with a handful of crushed dish wash soap and about 1 gallon of water. Stir until the soap dissolves and form soapy solution. Now spray it and get rid of mosquitoes.

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    Apply mosquito lotion

    Purchase a good quality mosquito lotion and apply it your exposed body parts, especially after sunset. Moreover, mosquito repellent bracelets are now available in the market. Wear them around your wrist to make the mosquitoes run away and to look stylish.

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    Avoid thick clothing

    Avoid thick and dark color clothing as the can attract mosquitoes. Wear clean and light clothes to stay cool away from mosquitoes attack.

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    Avoid bright lighting

    Bright lighting inside house is a welcome sign for mosquitoes. Try to keep the lighting low or dim. You can replace the traditional switches of your house with dimmer switch with an option to control the range of light according to your desire. Check out How to Install a Dimmer Switch.

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    No body odor please!

    Your stinking body odor is a scent for mosquitoes. Take baths every day and stay clean to force the mosquitoes to live away from you. Check out the best possible ways to Get Rid Of Body Odor Naturally.

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    How can you forget outdoor mosquitoes!!

    The reproduction and growth stage of mosquitoes take place outdoors. That can pose more daunting battle when it comes to deal with them. However, solutions are available to keep the population of these fetal pests at bay:

    No standing water please: Mosquitoes lay and hatch eggs in standing water. Empty all sources of standing water. Empty all sources of standing water in your areas and fix the holes with soil.

    Use pest repellent: If you cannot empty the standing water, spray it with pest repellent to destroy mosquitoes and their eggs

    Change water in bird bath: If your backyard or lawn contain bird bathe, then make sure change their water several time per week.

    Garlic spray: Repeat step 9 to make a natural repellent and spray it on the lawns, drive ways, decks and bushes of your house to mosquitos avoid your territory.

    Install citronella torches: Install some citronella plants and the boundary of your lawn to destroy is a bit expensive activity but very useful.

    Citronella plants: Place some potted citronella plants around your veranda or lawn to do away with mosquitoes.

    Mow grass: Grown grasses Shrubs and weeds provide shelter to mosquito. Make sure to mauve the grass and weeds regularly to enjoy mosquito free outdoor environment. Prune the bushes and shrubs around your lawn or back yard - if any.

    Use sleeping nets: While sleeping in open air, cover your bed with sleeping nets to make sure that you are safe from mosquitoes.

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