How to Deal With Sciatic Pain

Sciatic pain is one of the worst pains anyone can suffer from. Only the people who have suffered from this can understand how painful it can be. It affects your everyday routine as even walking or standing gets agonising. This type of pain varies widely. In addition to this, its symptoms also vary a lot.

Treating this pain also varies accordingly. There are many different ways to remove the pain. The pain maybe cured by doing only stretches. However, you may have to take medicines or even have a surgery in order to cope the sciatic pain.


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    Confirm sciatic pain

    First of all you need to know whether the pain you are suffering from is a sciatic pain or not. It usually has symptoms of constant pain in one side of the buttock or leg. There are very few cases of people suffering with pain in both legs. This pain gets worse when you sit. There is a tingling feeling in the leg. Adding further to the misery, moving the leg or foot is difficult when suffering this pain. This pain also makes movement, standing up or walking difficult.

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    Wait few days

    After diagnosed with a sciatic pain, you should wait few days. There is a chance that the sciatic pain goes away without taking medicine or having surgery.

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    Ice packs or heat packs

    You should apply ice packs or heat packs on the region where you are suffering pain. However, place a thin barrier such as towel between the pack and your skin.

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    Lying on a bed all day long may worsen the pain. Thus you need to perform exercises on daily basis. You need to focus on your abdominal and back muscles in order to maintain your fitness. It will also help strengthening your back.

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    Stretch your legs

    In worst cases you might want to stretch your legs. You need to focus on your hamstring in order to deal with the pain.

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    Visit a physical therapist or a chiropractor

    Go to a licensed physical therapist for spinal adjustment. This may offer you short-term or a long-term relief from sciatic pain.

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    In order to cope with the sciatic pain permanently, you can have a surgery. The surgery will discard the thing which is causing this problem.

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