How to Decide on Running a Marathon

When you have made the decision on running your first marathon, there are lots of things to consider. Completing a marathon is a very intimidating goal irrespective of the age or shape you are currently in. Some people want to run marathon to lose weight and others want to regain their lost fitness. A few of them are forced to run by their friends while for some it is a challenge to run around 26 miles.

However, the reason does not matter as long as you are ready to have the best time of your life. It is important to be prepared because if you are fit for the marathon you will feel energy when you complete the run. On the other hand, consider running a marathon when you can run at least 20 miles per week and have had a year of consistent running.

A marathon is a tedious physical battle and it is necessary to prepare yourself for the distance in order to prevent future injuries. These injuries include shin splints, hip pain, swollen knees and foot problems. You need to give your body appropriate time to adjust and adapt, and get strong to complete the marathon. There are various ways of deciding to run a marathon.


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    Join a group marathon training group

    It is important to participate in a six month program which will tell you how much mileage should be covered every day and week. Fellow runners will also encourage you as the training gets harder, and specially help you complete the long runs. Moreover, it is difficult to lose interest in the 20 mile run with other runners. Furthermore, if you want to train yourself find information online.

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    Select a flat track

    A marathon gets very testing with the addition of hills. When choosing a marathon, assess the elevation chart on the internet. Find another marathon if the track is not flat and different from that on the website.

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    Wear the right kind of shoes

    It is recommended to wear shoes that fit perfectly as they are the main weapon of the runner. Avoid going to discount store to purchase them in order to prevent blisters and damaged toe nails. You should visit a specialty running store where the sales employees have sufficient information on all kinds of shoes. They can tell you if you require a cushioned shoe or one that has extra stability.

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