How to Prevent Running Injuries

Running is one of the best ways of staying in shape. It not only burns a lot of calories but also helps the body stay loose and muscles active. In a nutshell, it is great for your overall health. However, if it is not done in the right manner, running can cause injuries and prevent you from continuing the practice for extended periods of time.

These injuries can be avoided in the first place if a smart approach is adopted. There are some simple rules to follow in this regard, which have been discussed in this article.


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    Before every run, make sure that you stretch well. It is imperative that your muscles are loose and ready for the strain they are about to face. It is also a good idea to start off with jogging so that the body can warm up before you gain speed.

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    Taking it Easy:

    You are not going to attain full flight from day one and should not try to do so either. Take it easy, and add speed and distance, once you are in the flow.

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    Being a Regular:

    Make a routine and follow it. Make sure that you run as per your set schedule. Missing your running routine will leave your body at risk of sustaining an injury.

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    Always wear comfortable footwear that protect your feet and ankles well.  Make sure that they help you in maintaining good balance and the shock absorbing ability of the joggers is good.

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    The surface at which you run is very important as well. If you are running on a rough surface with gravel and pebbles, you are likely to get an injury. It is best that softer surfaces are used when you are running. Grass, soft soil or sand are good options in this regard.

    Running on the road can do as well but make sure that your knees and ankles can take the tougher surface underneath before you do so.

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