How to Jog Correctly to Lose Weight

Obesity is a disease that is on a rise amongst the youth of our generation. With the rapid growth of fast food chains all around the world, it has turned into a beast too hard to handle. To control this menace, people often resort to medicines, herbs and strict diets but there is nothing more rewarding as exercise. It not only improves your health but you can also control your weight through it.

Exercise or work outs however demand dedication and in most of the cases, proper equipment and trainers are required. Jogging is however one exercise which only needs the former. It is the best way to reduce weight and keep your body fit. Depending on how quickly you want to lose weight, the timings and speed of the jog can vary.


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    The first thing you need to do is take some time out early in the morning. Early morning jogging is very beneficial for weight reduction, because at that time,  air is fresh and the appropriate oxygen levels in it help you burn the fat.

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    Do not consume anything before you go out for the jog.

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    If your body is not used to exercise, then start off slowly. There is no need to rush. On the first day you can walk for an hour, this can be followed by run-walk-run in the next few days.  Slowly with time, you can increase your speed and gradually cover more distance in the time you have taken out.

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    If you seek to reduce weight quickly then you should do cardiac-jogging in the last five minutes of your exercise routine.

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    Put weights in your socks to increase the fat burning process in your thighs.

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    Your will matters the most in jogging. When you feel completely burnt out, make an extra effort for the next few steps. That increases your stamina and on the next day, you are sure to cover more distance.

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    You have to follow a strict schedule. If you do not go for the jog daily then your efforts will be futile. Make sure that you take your time out for the jog daily. There will be days when you will not want to leave your bed, but if you overcome these feelings, you are most likely to lose the extra flab.

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    There will be times when you would have miss out on a morning jog due to personal obligations. Under those circumstances, make sure that you make up in the evening.

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