How to Land Your Feet When Jogging

If you are new to jogging then there a few things that need to be noted and kept in mind, for, the exercise, if not done properly, can result in more harm than good.

There is only a slight difference between jogging and walking. In jogging, the frequency of the steps is more and the distance of the feet from the ground is also greater per step as compared to walking. This means that more and more pressure will be exerted on your knee and ankles, and to make sure that it does not result in an injury, your stepping should be perfect.

Proper stepping also goes a long way in keeping the legs fresh as the weight falls only on portions which can sustain the exercise for longer periods. To some people, stepping comes naturally, but for others, especially people who are flat footed, it can be a bit of problem. There are however ways through which you can adapt.


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    Start off with small steps. Do not take big strides as they consume more energy and you are bound to get tired pretty quickly.

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    It is better to jog on your toes. Toes give a small push every time you land on them and the resultant posture is also better. Although it is painful initially as the toes take a lot of strain, but with time you will get a hang of it.

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    Building a tempo in your strides is the hardest task of all. It takes a lot of patience, persistence and to an extent con concentration, to build up your tempo. The key is to push the ground back with your feet, look down, and keep the body slightly inclined.

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    The movement of your arms is also very important. Ensure that the arm opposite to the foot that you step on is swung in a semicircle with flow. It adds to the propulsion, and also keeps blood flowing through it.

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    Upon getting tired, you will have a natural inclination to shift the body weight on the whole foot. Avoid that as that can become a habit.

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