How to Run an Ultramarathon

An ultramarathon race is a long running challenge just like a regular marathon but runners have to cover much more distance in the former. Any race that requires a runner to cover more than 26.2 miles will fall into the category of ultramarathon.

This long run will require certain kind of fitness, technique and time management skills but there are few more things that should be kept in mind. An ultramarathon is not all about running fast and touching the finish line in minimum time. You will have to do more than that while running an ultramarathon.

Things Required:

– Water
– Proper Running Shoes
– Snacks
– Extra Socks
– First Aid Kit


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    Train for an ultramarathon:

    First of all, you should attain a top level of stamina otherwise you won’t be able to survive this long running challenge. Remember, an ultramarathon is all about endurance. Though, speed does matter but it is of less significance so you must work on your fitness. You do not need to run 30 miles from very first day rather gradually build yourself up. Start with short distances and increase the effort in steps. Ultimately, you will be able to run an ultramarathon without losing your breath.

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    Pick your first race wisely:

    Now, when you are mentally and physically ready, it is time to choose your first race. If you are confident and fit enough to climb hills and cross streams then there is no harm in picking a hill side track otherwise just stick with a flat track.

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    Pack your bag/kit:

    Next thing you should do is to pack a bag. This will comprise all the necessary things including water, snack food, extra socks, first aid kit etc. You should wear comfortable dress and do not forget to pick perfect shoes. Make sure your feet are comfortable in these shoes.

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    Make a plan:

    Before starting the race, you must devise a strategy to complete the track more efficiently. You will be provided a map so know the track and plan your race. You must know where to take break, walk, move slowly or run fast. Just keep in mind that you have to keep moving in all kinds of situations.

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    Eat and drink:

    According to studies, an ultra runner can burn 5000 calories in a 50-mile race. You should keep drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Moreover, eat things that can restore your energy and keep you light during the race.

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