How to Decor Kids Room Doorway

In a bid to decorate kids’ bedroom, parents often overlook the need to beautify the room door. Most couples start the construction for their kid’s bedroom before they are born and gather everything in advance as they feel comfortable buying things one by one. In contrast, some prefer to construct the child’s room after few years of his/her birth so they could set the room according to their nature, attitude and personality. In both cases, majority of the parents do not give reasonable importance to the entrance and it is often abandoned undecorated.

It should be kept in mind that an undecorated room often gives a bad image to other people and at times it looks awkward as the rest of the room is fully decorated. Therefore, it is important that you should also give reasonable importance to the doorway in order to make the room fully decorated. Decorated doorway proves to be helpful in many ways. Not to mention, it enhances the overall look of the room and gets the attraction of the person about to enter the room. It is not necessary that you have to decorate it with expensive things but performing your painting creativity also works well.


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    Consider placing a delightful welcome note on the outer side of the door and that would be more than enough for this side.

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    On the inner side of the door, you should be aware about your child’s favourite colour. Keeping in mind the favourite colour and the room decoration, you should use the preferred colour on the door. Remember that, you can always use more than one colour but they should complement each other otherwise it will leave a bad impression. If you think suitable, you can apply your child’s favourite paint to the majority part of the door and some of your favourite colour to the rest of the door.

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    You can use the backside of your child’s room as a storage place but when it comes to decorating the door, you should be very careful. You can use some hooks on the door to hang beautiful things like stuff toys or other colourful strings. You should be certain about the things you want to hang for decoration and make sure they go with the door’s colour.

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    It is not necessary for you to paint the full door; you can also try using paint at selected sections of the door or write your kid’s name with paint in a stylish font.

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