How to Install a Hammock in Your Room

Hammocks are great for relaxing outdoors but you can also install one inside your room for the occasional afternoon nap. Installing a hammock in your room can be a little more challenging, as you need anchor points that are very strong and capable of holding your weight. If you want to go ahead with this, grab your tools and follow these guidelines to install a nice hammock in your room.

Things Required:

– Hammock
– Stepladder
– 2 Lag Hooks
– 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber
– Drill
– 3.5 inch drywall screws
– Wood treatment


  • 1

    Make calculations

    You will have to do some basic calculations to determine the load that the hammock will have to hold when you are resting in it. This is very important, to make sure that the lag hooks can sustain the weight. Make sure you calculate the distance between the anchor points, length of the hammock, sitting height preference, angle of hang and the amount of weight it will be carrying.

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    Attach lag hooks to 2x4s

    Use the drill and attach the lag hooks to the two pieces of 2x4 lumber. Make sure they are securely fastened into place as these hooks will essentially hold all of your weight while you are in the hammock. Try to drill slightly smaller holes so that the lag hooks screw in tightly.

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    Treat the wood

    Once you have installed the lag hooks into the lumber, you can easily treat it with something that will go with the interior of your bedroom. You can either use woodstain or a few coats of paint to make the lumber match your interior.

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    Attach the lumber to your ceiling

    Now you can attach the 2x4s using some 3.5 inch drywall screws. Be mindful of the height you want for your hammock and place the 2x4s accordingly. You should use as many drywall screws as possible for support. Use the stepladder to screw the lumber in tight, as this will hold the entire hammock, including your weight.

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    Hang your hammock

    After securing the 2x4s with lag hooks and attaching them to the ceiling, you can now safely hang your hammock indoors. Be sure to get inside to check if the anchor points are secure and able to hold your weight. If you hear any creaking or if the hammock starts to slip, make sure to get out immediately and use the stepladder to check the lag hooks.

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