How to Decorate a Massage Room

Making a massage room at home or at a professional massage centre needs certain sort of decoration. Massage rooms need to be very soothing and appropriate decoration plays a vital role in creating such environment. Lighting, fixtures and other decorative items combine to make an ideal environment for you to relax and have a calming massage. You need not to purchase expensive items but simple things can be used effectively to decorate your massage room. Be simple but creative and you will see how beautiful your massage room will appear.


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    First of all, you need to paint the massage room with a dull shade to give it a relaxing mood. Brighter colours won’t have the same effect as the dull ones. Red, yellow and orange are to be avoided. You can opt for Robin’s egg blue or something gray to paint your massage room. The shades which might appear boring for other rooms are actually quite appropriate for the massage rooms.

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    Next comes the lighting. Make sure you use coloured lighting instead of plain white one. Coloured lighting will add further soothing effect to the environment, while keeping the room bright at the same time. You can choose pink or blue coloured light for the massage room. Try to match the colours of the walls and make sure you put on shades around the lights to avoid making your room overly bright.

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    As for other decorating objects to be placed in the massage room, you can place some plants, flowers or potpourri inside. Try to have smaller plants and flowers but it also depends upon the size of the massage room. Flowers and plants will release their typical scent and this will make the environment even calmer.

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    Burning fancy candles in the massage room also helps in decorating the room naturally. Most people feel more relaxed with burning candles around them. You can also use scented candles but if you have already placed flowers in the room, it might not be necessary.

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    You can also place a small running fountain in your massage room. Contact your local craft store to purchase an indoor fountain and enhance the overall theme of your massage room.

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    Music also matters a lot while taking a massage. Put a simple stereo or music player in the massage room and try to play soothing music, such as smooth jazz.

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