How to Repair Cigarette Burns in Carpet

Smoking has one other harm to it, apart from lung cancer and throat issues and all that long list. It makes your carpet lose all its glamour and charm. Cigarette burns make the entire carpet look hideous. A neat freak housewife can never sit peacefully with cigarette burns all over the place. They destroy the whole ambiance. It is really easy to get rid of them especially if you have a furry sort of carpet. All you need is some tools that are always lying around the house and some gluing lessons from the art class in primary school. So grab the tools and set on the mission of getting your carpet rid of these scary marks.

Things you need: scissor, cutter, glue, thick set of books


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    Using your scissors, cut out the burn in the carpet. You can use a cutter if you are more  comfortable with using it. This will make a hole in the fiber where the burn previously was. Some fibers will simply fill in on the hole themselves and make it unnoticeable. You can stop on this step if that happens.

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    However, if the hole is too large to be covered by the surrounding fiber, you will have to fill it in. Cut out a piece of extra carpet from any relatively hidden area like behind the closet or under the furniture. If you have an extra carpet piece of the same design lying around, you will not have to cut out. You need a very small piece which would be sufficient to cover the hole.

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    Cut the fiber from the extra fiber piece. Roll the fiber in to the shape of the hole. Put the thick book set on the fiber and keep it there for some time.

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    Apply a good amount of cement glue to the floor and push the fibers on to it using your scissors.

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    Remove the book after a few hours and see if the fibers need any trimming. Use your scissors to do any necessary trimming so that the fibers blend in with the rest of the carpet. Do the same with all the holes.

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