How to Make Customized Flower Vases

Do you find the flower vases at the local stores out of your budget?

Do you think that you want to use your creativity but all you need is a basic guideline?

Do you want to decorate the beautiful roses of your own garden in your house but don’t have enough vases?

Well you do not have to worry at all.

You can make as many flower vases as you wish to without spending even half the amount of money which you would be required to pay while buying a  flower vase from a shop.

Things Required:

– Bottles
– Paint
– Flowers
– Pot Purri
– Mud


  • 1

    In order to make your very own customized flower vases you will firstly need bottles. Start the search of all the possible bottles in your house. You can use coke bottles, alcohol bottles, soda cans or even tetra packs. Alcohol bottles tend to make the best flower vases, but you can choose the size of the bottles according to your requirements.

  • 2

    Once you have found enough bottles remove all the labels from them. As for the tetra packs and soda cans simply paint them. Use a cutter to chop of the top of the cans. Tetra packs can be cut using scissors.

  • 3

    For the alcohol bottles, simple paint them using glass paints which are easily available in the market. Another way to decorate them is to simply use a rope and tie it across the whole body of the bottle. You can also use a paper tape and cover the whole bottle like a mummy. You can also draw patterns on the paper tape if you wish too.

  • 4

    As for the normal soda or coke bottles, what you can do is cut their top carefully by heating a knife. Since it is made of plastic it will easily cut down. You can add some stones to the bottle to give vase a natural look, and then add some mud. After this, place some flowers to the bottle.

  • 5

    Children tend to have very creative minds and you can take the help of your child if you think you are not really good at painting. You can also buy pot pourri from your local grocery store and by using glue simply paste it on the alcohol bottle or whatever bottle you are using.  It will give the bottle a very attractive and classy look.

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