How to Make a Small Room Look Larger

When you are decorating a small room every inch of space counts. A lot of people live in small houses, or at least have one room in their house which is quite small. A small room can sometimes appear uncomfortable and suffocating, but if you employ a few clever techniques, you can make it appear larger than it is. There are many things that you need to take into consideration in order to make your room look spacious – furniture arrangement, colour choices and use of free space for instance. Keep reading this article to find out more ways to make your small room appear more inviting and spacious.

Things Required:

– Mirror
– Console
– Curtains
– Lamp
– Wall painting


  • 1

    Light colours give a very open effect and can make a room appear bigger. It is advised to go for light base colours and use some contrast to make a good combination. It is a known fact that light gives the feeling of space in a room so go for bright coloured walls. The light shades of blues, greens and off whites are recommended. You could also paint the mouldings lighter than the walls to make the room appear larger.

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    Natural light is the best remedy to make a small room appear bigger than its original size. Try to keep light curtains which are translucent with minimum embellishments and designs so that the natural light isn’t blocked from coming in. If the room doesn’t get much sunlight, add a lamp and wall lights to make it bright. Also, such a room should have large windows as the outside view also has an impact on the size of the room.

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    Keep the room as tidy as possible. If the room is small and also has clutter lying around, it will appear even smaller. If the things are neatly arranged, the space seems more open. Try to keep minimum accessories in the room and do not flood the wall with pictures but go for a single painting instead. Try to create a focal point in the room that draws attention like a good console.

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    Mirrors can do wonders in a small room. The mirror should be placed at an angle that it gives some depth to the room. The natural and artificial light is reflected which makes the room look larger. It is a good idea to keep the mirror near the window as it reflects the outdoors.

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