How to Create a Feminine Bedroom

Is your girl sad because her bedroom does not seem to give a “girly” look? Do you want to surprise your beloved sister on her birthday this year by transforming her room into a fairy tale or as she has always imagined it to be? Well this is not a difficult task. All you have to do is think from a girl’s perspective. Try taking out the girl in you and you will be flooded with ideas.

Things Required:

– Paint
– Lamps
– Bowl
– Barbie dolls
– Pictures
– Cushions


  • 1

    For starters, change the color of the room. Pink, purple, peach, violet, red, yellow and orange are famous feminine colors and are usually associated with girls. Furthermore, change the curtains of the room as well as add a rug or carpet. Try choosing any of the above mentioned color for the curtains and the carpet.

  • 2

    Purchase some pinkish lamps for the room. If you are unable to find a lamp which is not of pink color or any of the above mentioned colors then simply buy a normal lamp and then purchase a colored bulb. That would give a feminine effect once you turn on the lights.

  • 3

    Buy a bowl and pour some water into it. Place it on the shelf or any other table which has some free space. Then add some pot-purri into the bowl of water as well as a few floating candles. If you cannot find pot-purri in your nearest store then add some fresh rose petals.

  • 4

    You can also place some Barbie dolls on the toy shelf if you are decorating it for a little girl. If you don’t want to go for Barbie dolls then try purchasing some stuff toys and place it on the toy shelf or even on the bed. You can also buy a bedcover as well as some bed cushions along with some floor cushions of any of the above mentioned colors. Make sure you are making the right contrast of these colors. Everything of the same color is now out of fashion. Try contrasting.

  • 5

    Last but not least don’t forget to add lots of pictures on a specific wall. The pictures can be of celebrities but mostly it should be of the girl whose room it is because every girl is just in love with herself. Also you can add pictures of her family members as well as of her dog or cat or whatever pet she has. Hopefully the room will look pretty feminine once you add these things to the room.

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