How to Brighten up a Dark Room

The ambiance you live in sets your mood, psychology and outlook about life. Dark rooms signify gloom and depression. Bright ones bring a different sort of energy in you and portray your life in a clearer way. If you want to brighten up your room, there are a lot of practical and economical options that you can employ. A combination of these options or using just a single one out of them might just change the way you live. Our step by step guide has suggestions on brightening up your room by bringing subtle changes in the walls, furniture and fabrics in your room.


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    The bed is the central point of your room. Go for a bed spread that has bright vibrant colors that go with the theme of your themes. Plan your room around a theme so that nothing looks out of place.

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    The walls set up the ambiance for your room. Pay special attention to them without over doing them. Paint them in a bright color and of course match it or build soft contrasts. Use paint with high gloss content which can reflect light across the room without absorbing it. Avoid dark wall paints which absorb light and give a dim setting. Choose the wallpapers wisely without giving the room a cramped up look.

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    Go for curtains that go with the patterns on your bed spread. You can also go for white, pastel and soft color blinds that will certainly brighten up any room. If you have a small window, maximize it by extending the curtain rods. This way when you pull back the curtains, they will not inhibit a portion and will lie against the wall instead. This will help you to get the maximum brightness out of the daylight.

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    Furniture and Floor:

    Go for light and smart furniture that does not take much space. Avoid dark colored wood and go for light colored ones. Do not buy many small pieces of small furniture. Instead go for few large ones that will not cramp up the floor space and let light travel freely. Keep the floor clutter free. Put a bright rug on the floor.

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    Scatter lighting sources across the room. Buy decorative candles and lamps and place them strategically. Go for recessed lights as they brighten up the roofs and prevent the caved in effect. Avoid fluorescent as it gives a dim atmosphere.

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    Plants have the potential to bring living energy into a room. Get indoor plants that do not demand much sunlight. Keep them close to the window or out in the sun while you are out for work. Get fancy vases and bring in fresh flowers from the garden for them.

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