How to Make a Windowless Room Appear Light

Windowless rooms tend to take the form of dungeons to the point that you are literally scared of entering them. No matter the room is in your basement or on any floor with no window outlet, it gives off a gloomy aura when you enter it. We are about to change that. There are simple changes that will change the entire look of your room and make it your favorite in the house. The article below discusses the lighting, décor and colors that are going to change how your room looks and make it appear brighter. Put in a little creativity and time and you will never miss the windows again.


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    Paint the room using light color paints like white, neutrals and pastels. These colors reflect light unlike the dark ones which absorb light. Use a high gloss paint to enhance the reflection property. Use soft contrasts.

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    Get large pieces of furniture. Many small ones make the floor appear cluttered making movement harder and less room for air. The more open the floor space, the more airy and light it feels. Get furniture in vibrant colors that will liven up the environment. You can also build a contrast of dark colored furniture with the lighter walls.

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    Make optimum use of the artificial lighting facilities that you have. Do not use lighting that hangs from the ceiling. Install recessed lights in the ceiling which will lighten it up. Go for bright lighting and throw out the fluorescent ones which create a dim environment. Incandescent lights are better as they imitate the light of the sun.

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    Plants bring living energy to a room and completely change the ambiance. They also affect our health positively by removing toxins and producing oxygen. Bring in indoor plants that do not require much sunlight. You can take them outside in the sun for some portion of the day when you are not in the room like before leaving for work.

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    Use mirrors smartly. Place them in strategic locations where they can reflect the light falling on them and lighten up things. One such position is right in front of a light source. You can also create an illusion by placing a scenery painting right across a mirror. This will give the impression of a window looking outside. You can also frame mirrors in a way that they give an illusion of a window and pair them up with curtains.

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