How to Decorate a Guest Room

Guests are considered as a blessing whether they are your close relatives, family friends, or your colleagues etc. It is always a nice idea to welcome your guests with open heart and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Make sure to take care of little things during their stay at your place, like putting their favorite soap in the bathroom, which can certainly make them feel delight and pleased. Most importantly, creating a cozy and decorative guest room for them with all the basic necessities will eventually left good memories of your hospitality when they leave your place. Read this simple article and let’s see how to decorate a comfortable and cozy room for your guest.


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    What you can buy within your budget?

    Never offer your guest old beds or furniture in bad condition. If you think you need to update the guest room then look for your budget and buy something reasonable while staying in your budget line. If you can't afford new furniture then you can go with used furniture which should be in good condition.

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    Bedding area:

    Use unique and creative ideas in bedding area of the guest room according to space, money and availability. For example, if you have an ample space then you can place double bed in the center accompanied by dressing tables on its both sides. Moreover, you can also add two seated sofa with small round shaped glass table.

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    Sitting area:

    Carpets have its own importance in any sitting area. You can use carpets along with flour cushions for sitting purpose. Try to use slim and elegant furniture and avoid using furniture that grab maximum area of the room.

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    Cupboard area:

    There should be a cupboard in the guest room where guests can hang clothes and put luggage in it. You can also place a luggage rack for this purpose or if that is not available then you can use any table/bench to set down the suitcase.

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    Clear all desks:

    Make sure that there is no extra thing on desks. Clean them up and place fresh and welcoming flower vase. Use things which are commonly used like clock and a calendar.

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    Good Lighting:

    Make sure that your guest room is lighted properly and its light goes around the room.  Try to avoid using harmful bulbs with high voltage. Energy savers are best to use in rooms as it saves money and provides bright light.

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    Hanging area:

    Purchase some of inexpensive door hooks and fix them at back side of the door, as these hooks can be used for hanging cloths as well as can be used to hang keys etc.

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    Some Basic things to remember:

    - Place few important things in drawer like pen, paper, scissors, tape and  tissue.
    - If you have an iron area then you can share it with your guest but if you don’t  want to share then place an iron in their room.
    - While decorating guest room don’t forget the washroom. Make sure that it’s    clean and all essential things are available there like a towel, soap, tooth  brush, hair brush and shampoo etc.
    -  Make sure your curtains and bed sheets are clean.

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