How to Decorate a Small Space

You can properly live in a small space if you know how to effectively choose the right furniture, theme, window treatments and lighting. These factors come into the equation when you want to decorate a small room or space. Be aware of the fact that by adjusting a few minor things, you can make a cramped room appear bigger, more stylish and a space where your friends and family members will love spending time. You should be able to select smart storage techniques as well. Try to keep the space as organised as possible and remove any clutter to make the room more efficient. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you should be disappointed, keep some of these simple tips in mind and you will have a fully functional area that you can enjoy.

Things Required:

– Functional Furniture
– Paint
– Lighting


  • 1

    Find furniture that can perform multiple duties

    Buy furniture that will do double duty and in turn offer more space in the small room. A storage bench can be used for seating purposes along with giving space to place file boxes. It is best to use the same wall colours in adjoining rooms in order to increase the perceived area. This way you can make two small spaces seem like one big room. On the other hand, paint low ceilings with a light colour as it will give a receding effect which will increase the room’s perceived height.

  • 2

    Install lights

    Add lights to the area which seems cramped. Small spaces are usually dark and as a result they can appear bigger with some lighting. If you are not a private person, get rid of any doors leading to a small space to pass in extra light. In addition to this, you can add a translucent glass door to maintain privacy and raise the level of light in the room. Try not to use big valances above windows as they will make ceilings appear lower than they actually are.

  • 3

    Save more space

    Paint all the furniture with the same colour or use matching slipcovers. Know that mismatched furniture looks very bad in a small space and the room looks cluttered that way. Place furniture that can serve several purposes. Buy coffee tables that have a lower shelf to place books and a lot of ottomans have removable tops that offer storage for games and other things. Try not to over decorate a small room as you might end up making look even smaller.

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