How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

A Feng Shui bedroom helps you to create a harmonious flow of natural and sensual energy in your surroundings so as to improve an intimate relationship with your loved one. It is place where you can have the best experience of your feelings. It helps you to get a good nights sleep and to make zealous love with your partner in an awesome and memorable way. Furthermore, it promotes harmony in the relationship and provides a place for passion. You just have to follow a few important tips in order to make your bedroom Feng Shui.

Things Required:

– Feng Shui Images / Paintings
– Lighting System


  • 1

    Get television, PC or other equipment out of your bedroom

    First of all, you must get rid of your television, PC or any other equipment e.g. exercise equipments in order to make your bedroom free from any noise or unnecessary activity. In this way, you will be able to create a natural atmosphere in your bedroom which will eventually help you to make it Feng Shui.

  • 2

    Keep windows open for a while for fresh air

    It is extremely important for you to keep your windows open for a while so as to get the fresh air. Besides, you can also use air-freshener to make the atmosphere of your bedroom more soothing.

  • 3

    Install a good lighting system

    Lighting system is extremely important as it helps in setting the mood right. It will be better for you to place dimmers on every light. However, you can also use candles to create a sound atmosphere in your bedroom. If you intend to use dimmers in your lights, it will be better for you to use yellow lights.

  • 4

    Use light and soothing colour scheme

    The colour scheme of your bedroom is equally important. Therefore, you must choose light and soothing colours to create a good environment in your bedroom.

  • 5

    Display Feng Shui images and paintings in your bedroom

    In order to make your bedroom more Feng Shui, you can display various paintings and images. There is no need to place any lustful images, you can just use some natural scenery or random paintings to make your bedroom a more comforting place to be.

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