How to Design a Guest Room

Many people find designing a guest room very difficult since it is more about the tastes of their guest rather their own.  The best way to design a good guest room is to use ideas that generally appeal to people during the current era. If you know your guest more personally, it will be much easier and you can even invite your guest to share their ideas for transforming the room. Best way to proceed is to organise your ideas and then start applying them. Visualise what you want to do with the room while keeping in mind the general needs of the occupant.


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    Make sure that the room you are using is of standard size and comes with a proper bathroom. The room should be presentable even without the furnishing. For example the walls of the room must be painted cleanly; the floor should be presentable; facilities like electricity should be available; lighting and ventilation should also be taken care of.

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    Next clean the room and the bathroom. Make sure that the furniture is clear of dust; use air fresheners to purify the room and you can even use the modern ones that do the work periodically. Add a comfortable bed with clean bedding and covers. Insert floor matting and curtains. The colours of the furnishing must compliment with each other.

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    The bathroom should also be a comfortable space for the guest. Do not forget to put the basic bathroom necessities in place. Use soft towels; if you want to improvise then you can go ahead and use different towels for the bathing and hands.

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    Tips for colour combinations: Do not try to use very bright colours. Go with the neutrals or light colours. This will help the guest feel more comfortable and also it will be easier for you to combine the colours of the furnishing. It will make the room look cosy and the guest can easily personalise their space as well.

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    Make the guest feel at home: After the basic room has been completed, you can add more small touches. Add a small working desk with a chair. You can also make a book shelf or if that is not possible, just add some books and magazines to the bedside table.

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    Final touches: You can add some finishing touches as well like putting some flowers in an intricate vase but put at a place where it is most visible. To welcome the guest, you can also put some kind of home warming present like chocolates.

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