How to Decorate a Very Small Den

Just because you have a very small den does not mean that you are limited in decorative ideas to enhance the overall feel and look of this area. Most dens are usually limited for space and that is why you should choose the right decorative elements to make it look bigger and more functional. If your small den is a home office or just a family sitting area, there are many different simple decorating guidelines or ideas that you can use to not only make it look better but also add to it as well.


  • 1

    Organise space:

    Although your den might be very small, you can still organise the space to open up different areas that you previously never thought of.

  • 2

    Remove large items:

    Since your den is very small it is a good idea to remove oversized items like large chairs or long couches. Make some room for yourself to help you identify areas that you want to highlight by adding new decorative items.

  • 3

    Buy modular furniture:

    Buy inexpensive modular furniture that can be moved around easily. This type of furniture is perfect for small areas like your den. If you small den is a home office then buy a corner modular desk as this will reduce the amount of space it takes up leaving more room for other items like a modular sofa set. Remember to place your sofa against the largest wall in the den and push it all the back up against the wall to get more space.

  • 4

    Use mirrors and art:

    Place a few mirrors on the walls of your small den to give you the feeling of having more space than you might actually have. Mirrors are a great way to decorate your very small den. You can also use nice pieces of art to help enhance the decorative elements of your small den.

  • 5

    Light coloured furniture:

    Try to use light coloured furniture and fabrics while decorating your very small den. This will enhance the area and make it look larger and more spacious.

  • 6

    Increase lighting:

    Buy different spotlights and lighting tracks that you can place around the den as it will enhance the limited space and open up different corners.

  • 7

    Functional furniture:

    Try to buy functional furniture that you can use to in your small den to not only increase the space but have flexibility in the usage as well. Sofa beds and small bookcases can be used in your small den to help you maintain some decorative elements and at the same time increase the functionality of the space.

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