Decorating Cake Balls

Decorating cake balls made of crumbled cake and frosting, is a perfect idea to make these trendy sweet treats look like expensive gourmet varieties. Moreover, you can make an impressive gift when you enfold half a dozen of the cake balls in a beautiful wrapping sheet and curling ribbon etc. Decoration of cake balls does not require any extra effort or any creativity as you can embellish them with simple and unique ideas.

Nicely decorated cake balls will definitely have a good impact on your guests in any kind of party or get-together for sure. Make cake balls today, get idea from this simple article, and decorate them nicely. Simply scroll down and learn how you can decorate cake balls in a unique way.


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    Decorated Cake Balls with candy sprinkles

    You can use candy sprinkles to give a unique final touch to your cake balls. Dip the cake balls in any your favorite icing flavor and then drop the sprinkles with nuts or colored candy melts on them.

    Note: The most important point to keep in mind while decorating the cake balls with sprinkles is that you have to add them before the coating on the cake balls has set and dried. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain when all the sprinkles will just slide off from the cake balls.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorated Cake Balls with Chocolate

    Pour some strawberry icing into a piping bag or Ziploc bag. Now, cut the tip of the bag off with a scissor according to your desired thickness. Carefully wring the gag going back and forth over the cake balls and make your favorite design at the top. Additionally, you can immediately add some colorful sprinkles over the top once you top the cake balls with the strawberry icing.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorated Cake Balls with Fondant

    Decorating cake balls with fondant, icing-like substance used to decorate or sculpt pastries is another super idea. Take some pieces of your favorite fondants in various colors and make them resemble different creatures and characters. Place them at the top of your cake balls to give them an eye-catching look.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorated Cake Balls with Nonpareils

    You can use Nonpareils, decorative confection of tiny balls made with sugar and starch, to decorate your cake balls. Nonpareils are easily available in the market in various flavors and shapes. You just have to buy them in readymade form and add them all around your cake balls. You can make smiley, animals, flowers, cartoons etc.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorate Cake Balls with Sugar

    Place a double boiler on the stove and pour in some water. Bring the water to boil and add in white chocolate. Keep stirring the mixture until the white chocolate melts thoroughly. Remove it from the stove and set it aside for a few minutes until light warm. Now, dip the cake balls in the chocolate paste and then sprinkle colored sugar all over them. You can either use one color sugar or you can mix various colored sugars for multi-colored cake balls.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorate Cake Balls with Tinted Coconut

    Dip your cake balls in any of your favorite frosting and sprinkle some tinted (colored) coconut all over it to give it a nice finishing touch. Other than that, you can make a range of designs with tinted coconut or you can use various colors at a time as well.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorate Cake Balls with Edible Markers

    Immerse your cake balls in frosting and set them aside or place them in refrigerator until cooled well and dry. Now, grab edible markers and draw various designs all over your cake balls. The edible markers are your greatest advantage to decorate your cake balls according to various occasions. For example, you can use red edible markers to decorate them on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Make some balloons and write beautiful message around them on birthdays. These were just two examples, you can think of more like them to decorate your cake balls in accordance with different celebrations.

    Cake Balls
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    Decorate Cake Balls for Baby Shower

    If you are planning to celebrate a baby shower, a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child, then do not forget to add cake balls in your menu. Besides that decorate them according to the great day of your life and get some nice comments from your guests. Once you make your cake balls, put a lollypop stick in them, and let them dry and cool thoroughly by placing them in a refrigerator for some time. Now, draw faces on them with edible markers and place some gel icing where the mouth would go. Pick up a zigzag scissor and make a single cut down the side of the cupcake papers. Now, fix the lollypop sticks of your cake balls in the slit, making sure that the face of your cake balls in right in the center. Collect both ends of the cupcake paper slit and tie them together.

    Cake Balls

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