How to Make a Club Sandwich, or Triple Decker

Club sandwiches, or triple- deckers, are staples on restaurant menus everywhere. From diners and luncheonettes to pizza parlors and full- service restaurants, club sandwiches are a big hit with hungry customers.Traditionally, club sandwiches are made with three slices of bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayonnaise and whatever main component, or filling is desired. By far, the most popular type of club sandwich, or triple- decker is the Turkey Club sandwich. Other popular variations include hamburger or cheeseburger, ham, tuna fish salad, roast beef and pastrami.

Like any other dish or recipe, there are countless variations on the theme of club sandwich, or triple- decker. Some people add sliced cheese to the sandwich, while others add sliced onion, peppers, mustard or cucumbers. Aside from the delicious taste , the appearance, or presentation of the club sandwich is a large part of the entire experience. As a general rule, club sandwiches, or triple- deckers are cut into quarters, which are usually skewered by a sandwich toothpick. Served with french fries and cole slaw, club sandwiches are a truly fun and delicious treat to eat at any time, lunch or dinner.

Here is How to Make a Club Sandwich, or Triple Decker.

To make, or construct an authentic club sandwich or triple- decker, three slices of bread are needed. Toast all three slices of bread. Place approximately one teaspoon of mayonnaise on each slice of toast. On top of one slice of toast, place enough lettuce to adequately cover the entire piece. Place one or two thin- slices of tomato on top of the lettuce. Next, arrange two small slices of cooked bacon on top of the tomato. Place a second slice of toast atop the vegetables and bacon(essentially at that point, a BLT), mayonnaise- side down.

Next, place desired meat or salad on top of second piece of toast. Sometimes, a little squirt of mustard is added at this point, strictly a matter of preference. Place the third slice of bread on top of sandwich. Now, comes the skill part. Four toothpicks (preferrably the long, frilled sandwich type) are needed. Place the toothpicks in a cross- type pattern, midway between the crust and the center of the slice of toast, on all sides. If the toothpicks are arranged correctly, there should be even room between the toothpicks to cut the sandwich in an “X” pattern. As stated, once the toothpicks are positioned correctly,spread- out one hand in a spider- like fashion and use it to anchor down the top piece of the sandwich. Carefully, yet confidently, slice through the club sandwich, or triple- decker diagonally, forming one half of an “X” pattern. Turn the sandwich counter- clockwise one turn ( 45* ) and repeat the diagonal cut. At that point, the club sandwich should be cut into four equal- sized sections (triangles). After second cut, club sandwich sections may fall apart. Be ready to adjust toothpicks accordingly.

Arrange sections of club sandwich, or triple decker on a plate or platter with french fries and cole slaw, or with any desired side dishes.

That is How to Make a Club Sandwich, or Triple Decker.

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