How to Marinate a Steak

When it comes to describing the ideal cut of meat cooked to perfection, few images pop into heads prior to a good solid steak. These glorious hunks of hot beef are some of the most delicious carnivorous guilty pleasures many of us fall victim to.

Marinating a steak well infuses it will lovely flavours and tenderizes the meat to ensure a wonderful dining experience.


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    The Cut

    Much of what has to do with a delicious steak starts and stops with the cut you choose. Often it is suggested that finer cuts be marinated as little as possible, even to avoid marination all together. Such cuts are things like fillet mignon, NY striploins and porterhouses.

    Leaner and tougher steaks such as flank, sirloins and skirt steaks are better for marinating. Truth be told, regardless of cut if you want to add some serious flavour to your steak, go with a marinade.

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    The Goods

    A good marinade will combine sweet and sour/salty elements that play off one another. It is also important that the marinade not be too thick as more liquid concoctions do a better job of permeating the meat.

    A wide range of marinade recipes can be found in recipe books as well as the internet. Be courageous and try different things.

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    Treat the Meat

    It is now time to marinate the meat. Always be sure to rinse and wash the meat thoroughly before adding the marination. You should use a plastic or glass container (with lid) or a zipper-type freezer bag. Insert the meat, mix the marinade and let it smother the steak(s).

    Note that smaller pieces of meat marinate better. Therefore if you are adding the steak to a dish, feel free to cut the meat before adding the marinade.

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    Wait it Out

    Once the steak and marinade are in the container or bag, place in the fridge or freezer. Steak should marinate for 12-24 hours before cooking.

    Note: Never defrost meat at room temperature, use the fridge to do so. It will take longer, but is a much safer and healthier alternative.

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    Cook and Enjoy

    Whether barbecuing, grilling or pan-frying, enjoy your steak and prepare it based on what you know (or are willing to learn) is the best cooking method. We hope that you enjoy your marinated meat as much as we do.

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