How to Decorate Valentine Day Candles

When you would look at the candle placed somewhere in your house it would remind you of only two uses. Either you will use it when there is no light or if there is a birthday party. Somehow you might never have had given yourself a chance to think that the candles can prove to have a mind blowing effect if they are decorated in a creative way. If there is any occasion for such a special decoration of candles, that can be no other than the Valentine’s Day. Now you would certainly look upon the candles lying in your house differently.


  • 1

    If you want to give your loved one a real surprise by beautifully decorating the house with candles, the very first thing you should do is switch off all the lights.

  • 2

    Find some empty medicine bottles and place some candles inside each of them, such that you can easily light them and prevent them from blowing off.

  • 3

    Place these luminous bottles on each side of the gate or the main door of your house in a way that the dim light seems pleasing.

  • 4

    With the help of some finely cut cardboards around 2" x 3", mount some small candles in the main walkway and place them side by side.

  • 5

    Make sure that the card boards on which you have mounted the candles do not fall over so it's good to fix them with glue or any adhesive material.

  • 6

    The candles should be placed near all those items that you like your Valentine to look at such as your wedding photo or a lovely gift that you may like to present in a heart-shaped arrangement.

  • 7

    Try to have red colored essence candles as they create a real obsessive and amazing effect and really fuel up your romantic feelings.

  • 8

    Apart from decorating the rooms and the dining area, beautifully decorate your bathroom placing with some multicolored candles near the bathtub.

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