How to Defend Against a Bear Hug from Behind

Learning how to defend yourself in public or on the streets is very common nowadays. This is because you never know just when it is that someone might attack you while you are out on the road.

As a result, most people need to learn how to break up basic holds and basic moves that people might attempt to use on them.

One of the most common moves that is used by people is the bear hug. The bear hug sees someone jump you from behind your back and then go on to squeeze the breath out of you.

Now this might sound like it wouldn’t hurt that much, or wouldn’t be that effective, but it is one of the hardest moves to break and get out of, which is why everyone needs to know just how to counter it.


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    The first thing you need to do once you feel someone go on and put you in a bear hug/attempted bear hug, is to lean forward. Lean as forward as you can and try and get your upper body parallel to the ground. This will ensure that a direct grip cannot be formed and will save your organs from receiving extra damage.

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    Try and wrap one of your legs around your opponents ankles. This will keep you close to them and will ensure that they can’t easily throw your around or move you at their will.

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    Once you have the leg behind the attackers ankle or calf, go on and try and bounce into a standing position. This will throw them off guard, and will see you impact their face. This could lead to them letting you go right away, but it is bound to end up hurting them either way.

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    As soon as you get straight up, go on and bend forward. Stick your rear end as far into the attackers stomach as you can, since this will act as a pivot and see you pick them up off the floor.

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    Now as soon as this happens toss them on the floor and you should be free. Once you are free, you can go to work on them and take them out, or you can run. This is entirely up to you and you can decide what it is that you wish to do in this situation. However, remember to play it smart.

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