Tips for Basketball Strength Training at Home

Basketball is one of the most loved games and is played everywhere in the world. You only require a basket ball and a basket to play this game. However, you need to have stamina, skill, endurance and most importantly strength. However, you do not need to join gym and workout to build-up strength. You can improve your strength in your own house.


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    Push-ups and planks

    In order to build-up strength, push-ups and planks are the most important thing. By performing push-ups, you strengthen your chest, shoulders and triceps. You need to align your body straight and not bend like a bow.

    These exercises also build up your core without going to a gym.

    Remember to change your hand positions in order to move different muscles. Your focus should divert to shoulders more than your chest when you change your hand directions.

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    Squat exercises are vital for basketball players. You can perform easily in your own house. It builds-up strength in your lower back which is important for endurance while running in a basketball game.

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    Pull-ups require a person to lift their entire body weight in air. It is difficult and not common among players. However, it can be perform in your house and it strengthens biceps, triceps and shoulders.

    Basketball players are further benefited with this exercise as it improves their grip and forearm strength. Thus it leads in more accuracy of shooting positions for forearm strength.

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    Plyometrics exercises like burpee, box jumps and slalom jumps focuses on building power. A Burpee is when you start exercise in a plank position, then do push-up and then go into plank position again. After this position, a person goes into a squat position and then a jump before repeating.

    These plyometrics exercises are important for basketball players as it increases their power to shoot from any range.

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    Sprint and Speed

    You need to focus on your sprint as in a basketball game, you might need sprint to dodge other players and shoot the ball in the basket. You can achieve this by doing sprint workouts in your own backyard.

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    Eat nutritious food

    You should not skip food at all and after performing exercise, you need to have a full diet. Remember to take healthy and nutritious diet in order to strengthen up your body. Eat steaks and boiled potatoes which will give you energy for the game.

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