How to Win the Pick 4 Consistently

It requires more than just dumb luck to win the Pick 4 lottery. Although luck is still required in playing lottery, it does not all mean that you become totally dependent it. There are ways to improve your chances to win the lottery on a consistent basis. It is not guaranteed that you will win every time but your chances will improve a lot.


  • 1

    Get your friends involved

    Get your friends in to start a lottery group. There is a likelihood that some of your friends already play lottery so ask them and pool in your money. Buy the lottery tickets and remember, the more lottery tickets you buy, the better chances you will have on improving your luck.

  • 2

    Make a budget plan

    Ask your friends how much they can invest in the tickets. For this you will need to sit down and make a proper budget plan.

  • 3

    Check the previous winning numbers

    Access the numbers of the previous Pick 4 winners and write them down. You can get the numbers of the previous winners by logging on to your state’s lottery page.

    Keep a close eye on them so that you are aware of the numbers which have won recently, and those which have not yet appeared. Keep a file or a folder in your computer to record the winners.

  • 4

    Be smart with numbers

    Refrain from picking the even and the odd numbers. This combination is very simple and is less likely to appear, look for other combinations. Try and pick two even numbers and three odd numbers or three even numbers and two odd numbers. This combination occurs 66 percent of the time.

  • 5

    Use a Wheel System

    By logging on to the free lottery website, you can access the wheel system which you can use for their Pick 4 wheel. This will help you in predicting the future picks.

  • 6

    Do not repeat combinations

    Do not pick the same combinations of numbers that have already been won. These numbers have a very few or zero chances of appearing again in your lifetime.

  • 7

    Be prepared

    Put in your effort. Do your home work and make your own picks, instead of using the quick picks. Quick picks have a very few chances of winning the lottery for you.

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