How to Make a Duck Pond Game

If you are planning to host a fund raiser and are required to setup a few different carnival games for children so that they do not get bored while at the fund raiser, a duck pond game is an excellent choice. Making a duck pond game is a fairly inexpensive task and does not require much setup time. Once you are done making the game, you can make it even more enticing by putting up small prizes for the winner or all players.

Things Required:

– Small wading pool
– Yellow plastic bath toy ducks
– Water
– Permanent markers


  • 1

    Visit a local supply store and purchase a small wading pool made of plastic and big enough to fit in the bed of your truck. This size will work perfectly for making a duck pond game. It will be better if you invest in a pool that does not have a built-in slide or added accessories. It will be even better if the pool you purchase sports a duck print.

  • 2

    Apart from the wading pool, you will also need at least 5 dozen yellow plastic bath toy ducks. Make sure that the weight of the toy ducks you purchase is concentrated more on the bottom part.

  • 3

    You might have to make slight modifications in order to make them float upright on water. To check if any changes are required, float a few toy ducks on the water surface. If the ducks flip upside down, weight must be added to the bottom of the ducks so that they remain upright. This can be accomplished by making a hole on the bottom of the duck and then squeezing the duck so that it absorbs and retains water. You might have to experiment with water levels in order to determine the best level for keeping the ducks consistently upright.

  • 4

    Decide the number of prizes you plan to award to players. You will need to mark the ducks with permanent markers of different colours if all of the ducks are identically coloured. This will help you keep a track of which prize would be awarded to which player.

  • 5

    Fill the wading pool you bought in the first step with water and place the toy ducks on the water surface. Mix together various colour coded ducks and you are all set to play the Duck Pond game.

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