How to Do Well in a Fight

Even if you are humble and nice person, you might come into a situation where you need to fight. You must avoid this violence but circumstances lead you to fight. In order to stay safe, you must learn how to defend yourself. You are not advised to fight but in case you are being attacked, you need to know how to defend and get out of the situation. After learning some tips, you will be able to quickly and efficiently win a fight. It is recommended that you should use fighting as your last resort of solving the issue. You need to try all the non-violent methods in order to avoid the fight.


  • 1

    Analyse the situation

    First you need to analyse the entire situation. You need to check how strong your opponent is, how many people are involved, what is your weight against your rival’s weight etc. You need to know your limits and if you know you stand no chance against your opponent, run away.

  • 2

    Fight or fly

    You need to decide whether you want to fight or fly. In case your rival is an ultimate 420 pounds body builder and you weigh only 120 pounds then you stand no chance against him.

  • 3

    Try not to be violent

    In the start, you need to act that you are not going to fight and endure few punches. Act it doesn’t hurt and by this it is possible that the attacker may back out.

  • 4

    Be prepared

    You need to assume that your opponent is a trained fighter and thus you should never underestimate him. It is possible that the attacker will mock you, make fun of you and laugh at your non-violent attitude. You need to be ready to feel the pain.

  • 5

    Tire your opponent

    Take punches and feel like a brick i.e. you do not feel pain. Do not attack first and jump around in order to confuse your opponent. You can duck, dodge or circle them.

  • 6

    Watch for lack of speed

    When you see your opponent is hesitating or slowing, punch him in the jaw and use your shoulder for power. Later you need to knee them anywhere preferable in stomach.

  • 7

    Finish it

    After hitting your opponent and when they feel much pain to continue, you need to flee from that area. Capitalise on his situation and go away from the area. Remember not to run but it should be fast enough so your opponent won’t stand again and fight.

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