How to Play Beer Pong Cups

Beer pong is an extremely popular game with the college community. It is important to know how to play a game of beer pong before you head off to college. The game involves throwing a ping pong ball across a table attempting to sink it in the other team’s cups. If you make the shot, a member of the other team must drink the cup you made. The game is over when all of one team’s cups have been made.

Things Required:

– 22 plastic cups
– 2 ping pong balls
– A long table
– 4 people
– 4 cans / bottles of beer or beverages


  • 1

    First of all, you need to place 10 cups on each side of the table. The remaining two cups will be used as water cups by each team.

  • 2

    Pour 2 cans or bottles of beer evenly into the ten cups and repeat on the other side of the table. Pour water into half of the two water cups.

  • 3

    Find 3 other friends who want to play with you and establish two teams of two, one team on each side.

  • 4

    Decide which team gets to shoot first by having a shoot off. One member on each team will look each other in the eyes and shoot simultaneously for the other team’s cups. Whichever team makes the cup will start. If both players miss the cup, the other two players who did not shoot will go. The same applies when both players make the cup in one turn.

  • 5

    The game will begin with both players on the team attempting to shoot into the other team’s cups. If both players make the shot, the team will get the balls back and be able to shoot again. If one cup is made, a member of the other team must drink the cup and take it off of the table.

  • 6

    The teams alternate until all of one team’s cups have been made. When this occurs the losing team must also drink all of the remaining cups of the winning side.

  • 7

    A couple of other things to note: A player may attempt to bounce the ball into the opposing team's cups, if the player makes the shot two cups must be consumed. However, the opposing team may attempt to swat the ball away from their cups after realising that the player is attempting to bounce. Also, each team gets two "re-racks" per game where they can decide what shape they want the opposing teams cups to be in. This basically means you can decide about the cups you are shooting into.

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