How to do Capoeira Mea Moor Paz Roundhouse Kicks

There is no more entertaining martial art technique than the Capoeira, as it combines various dancing moves with fighting styles. Although some people might not be comfortable with this form of fighting, yet they would love it once they know how to perform it.

Capoeira is the Brazilian form of martial arts and started way back in the 15th century. It has gained popularity worldwide since then and one does not need any special training to master some of the moves.

One of the easiest fighting techniques from this martial arts school is the Capoeira Mea Moor Paz roundhouse kick. It involves power, speed and precision in order to dominate the opponent completely. However, one has to work extremely hard in order to master this technique perfectly.


  • 1

    Work out in the gym

    First of all, you should work out in the gym in order to gain strength in your body. You will need an overall balanced physique, as the Capoeira requires you to involve too many muscles even in the simplest of steps.

    However, you will still be required to gain more strength in your legs, which will help you deliver the roundhouse kicks more effectively. For this, you will need proper guidance from a trainer otherwise you could end up injuring yourself.

  • 2

    Start by moving your left leg backwards

    In order to position yourself for the Capoeira Mea Moor Paz roundhouse kick, you will have to move one of your legs, preferably the left one, backwards. Make sure to stretch it to the maximum, as you will have to gain momentum by swinging it back into the original position.

  • 3

    Step back into the middle

    Now, you will have to step back into the middle, which was your original position. You don’t have to deliver the kick at this point, but this step will simply aid in developing the original Capoeira Mea Moor Paz roundhouse kick.

  • 4

    Lift your right knee

    You have to lift your right knee, as soon as you position your left leg into the normal direction. However, make sure that your leg is bent at this point otherwise you will be unable to gain maximum force while delivering the move.

  • 5

    Extend your leg to deliver the move

    Finally, you will be in a position to deliver the Capoeira Mea Moor Paz roundhouse kick. You will should not use your knee much, but simply extend your leg and hurt your opponent with this deadly strike.

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