How to Play the Indian Poker Drinking Game

Indian poker drinking game is one of the many variants of the extremely popular card game. This particular variant does involve gambling, but you do not gamble any money or chips. Instead, you bet the number of drinks from a bottle of beer that is kept on the table for the purpose. The game can be aptly described as a heavy dose of crazy fun, which can become even crazier once all the players get a little drunk. The game is not only really simply to play, it is equally simple to learn. You will hardly have any trouble learning the rules. However, feel free to add new rules to the game to make your Indian poker session even more fun.


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    The dealer begins the proceedings by dealing out one card from the pack of 52 cards to each player. The process of dealing out the cards needs to be carried out very carefully in order to ensure that none of the players, including the dealer, gets to see their card. The cards are dealt face-down.

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    Without looking at their card, everyone takes turn to put their card on their fore-head so that everyone except for them can view that card. After showing their card to everyone, the player places it face-down again so that he cannot glimpse at which card he has been dealt.

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    Once everyone has seen each other’s card, the person sitting on left of the dealer starts the betting by betting a number of drinks while claiming that he has the highest card in his hand. He does not know this for sure, since he has not seen his own card.

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    The next player has the option to either call, raise of fold just like in the traditional poker game. If he is convinced that he has the highest card in his hand, he can raise the number of drinks. If he is not really sure and feels that he may or may not have a higher card in his hand, he can call. However, if he is pretty convinced that the card he saw on the forehead of the person who made the initial bet is hard to surpass, he can fold. A player who folds has to take as many drinks that the current bet is at.

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    The game continues until everyone has either called or folded.

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    The players that called until the end show their card, this time taking a look at it themselves as well.

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    The player with the highest card wins and therefore does not have to drink. The player who called and lost has to drink as many drinks as he bet.

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