How to Plan a Corporate Bowling Party

Working in an organization is something everyone does at some point in their lives. This is because just about everyone needs to get a job, in order for them to make a money and then go on and earn a living that way.

Finding the right job can be hard, and from time to time working in an organization tends to get a little annoying for the workers, who seem to be forced to follow the same routines day in and day out.

When this occurs, the organizations tend to try and motivate the employees by offering them a channel to outlet their energy. This usually comes in the form of company planned trips.

It is fairly common for organizations to take their employees for bowling trips, simply because it is a fun way to get everyone to get together and start having some fun.


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    Issue memo to get feed back

    The first thing that you need to do in order to organize a companywide bowling trip, is to issue a memo. Now this memo should explain just what it is that is going to happen.

    It should include the date, the timings, the dress code and what items anyone needs to bring with them, should they want to go on the trip.

    The memo should also include a RSVP section, so that people can question about things if they like, and so that they can confirm or deny if they are coming.

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    Book alley

    Once you have gotten the feedback from everyone in the office, you are practically ready to get the show on the road. So now you need to go on and book the bowling alley for the day that you have decided to get the trip organized for.

    After having the alley booked, you can also get the HR department to divide everyone into teams and have a scoring system and reward system developed.

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    Gather and leave for alley

    In order to build team spirit, you should ask everyone to gather at the office prior to the event taking place. Once everyone is there, you should transport them in a bus so that they get there on time.

    Once you are there, go ahead and deploy everyone as per the plans that the HR had made previously and make sure that everything goes on and runs smoothly.

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