How to Compensate for an Oversized Cue Ball in Pool

Pool, snooker and billiards are considered to be among the most popular indoor games in the world, played amongst people of all ages. Pool appears to be quite simple if you haven’t played it much, but requires a lot of skill and practice. An experienced player takes everything, from the table surface, the cushions, the cue and the cue ball into account, before taking a shot.

If you are playing in an ordinary pool club, you may often come across situations where the cue ball is oversized. If you are a smart player, you can compensate for that by adopting different strategies.


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    Put additional force behind your shots

    Once you start playing, you need to closely check the running of your pool table and adjust your game accordingly. If the table is slow, you will have to put more force behind your shots. Similarly, an oversized ball is likely to travel slower as compared to a regular cue ball; therefore, you will have to apply additional force while executing your shots.

    It is recommended that you play a few practice shots before an actual game. In order to make an oversized cue ball move faster, you should strike it a little above the middle of the ball with a reasonable follow through.

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    Do not be over aggressive in the beginning

    Every pool player has a certain style. If you come across an over-sized cue ball, it is highly recommended that you curb your natural instincts and try to play a little defensively in the beginning. This will give you time to adjust and change your game accordingly and once you get used to the scenario, you may start attacking.

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    Placement of the cue ball

    Pool and snooker are all about the right placement of the cue ball according to the next potable ball. Experienced players are able to position the cue ball and make subsequent shots easier. In order to spin an oversized cue ball or turn it after it strikes the rail, you will have to re-adjust the point of impact between the cue and the cue ball.

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