How to Play Hi Ho Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a put-and-take board game that has been made by Parker Brothers gaming company. The game has been designed especially for children, which is why the game rules have been kept extremely simple.

Two-to-four players can play Hi Ho Cherry-O at a time, which means that even the parents can get involved in the fun game.

If you want your young ones to derive the maximum fun out of a game of Hi Ho Cherry-O, learn and understand the rules of the game yourself first and then explain it to them in as simple terms as possible.

Things Required:

– Hi Ho Cherry-O board game set
– Two-to-four players


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    The first thing that you need to do is setup the game. This includes taking out the trees, cherry buckets and spinner for each player from the box. You will need to assemble the spinner following the instructions on the manual. The assembling process is not complicated at all, which is why you can easily get done with it within a few seconds. Complete the setup of the game by asking each player to hang 10 cherries on their tree.

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    Once every player has finished hanging the 10 cherries to the tree, the game is all set to commence. The players will take turns to spin the spinner. The spinner can either land on a picture of one cherry, two cherries, three cherries or four. It can also land on the picture of a dog, a bird or a spilled bucket.

    If the spinner lands on a section with the picture of a cherry or cherries on it, the player who had spun the spinner will pick up that number of cherries from his/her tree and put it in the bucket. If the spinner lands on the dog or bird, the player will have to take two cherries out of their bucket and hang them back on the tree. If the spinner lands on the spilled bucket, the player will have to pull all the cherries out of the bucket and hang them back on the tree.

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    The players will continue to take turns to spin the spinner until someone wins by having all 10 cherries in the bucket. The remaining players can keep going to determine who finishes second, third and last.

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