How to Apply Pool Table Black Spots

Most pool tables possess two black spots, one at the head of the table where the cue ball is placed and one at the foot of the table where the balls are racked. If you have a new pool table or have recently changed the cloth of the table, you will need to apply new spots. Pool tables come in different sizes, ranging between seven, eight and nine feet. Therefore, it is recommended that you use ‘sights’, which are usually diamonds, to apply the spots on the table along the rails. Sights help you judge the exact position of the spot.


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    Locate the three sights

    On one of the four short side rails placed on the long side of the table, locate the three sights. These are usually found between the centre and the corner pockets. Extend the yardstick across the table, perpendicular to the side rail by placing it at the centre.

    With the centre line of the table, which runs from the centre sight on the foot or head rail to the centre sight on the other end, find the approximate intersection. Using a chalk, you need to mark a short line along the yardstick’s edge lightly.

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    Point the yardstick towards the end of the table

    You can circle around to the end of the table. In order to make sure that the centre spot is perfectly perpendicular with the end rail, line up the yardstick with the centre spot. The yardstick should be pointing towards the end of the table. You can make a darker spot with chalk once the yardstick intersects with the lighter spot, marked earlier.

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    Apply the pool table spot

    On this dark spot, you need to apply the pool table spot. However, make sure that you remove the chalk markings after doing so. You should not try to remove the chalk marks using your fingers; otherwise, you will end up spreading the chalk to other parts of the table as well. It is recommended that you use an air drier or a blow drier. In order to apply the spot at the other end of the table, you need to follow the same procedure.

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