How to Build a Pool Cue

Billiard or pool is an extremely easy table game. A pool or billiard player has to pot the coloured balls into the pockets before his opponent to win the contest. Pockets are situated at the sides and corners of the rectangular shaped pool table. For newbies, there are many locations that have billiard cues or billiard platforms for them to use. Expert or professional players are always looking to improve their game play, and a customised pool cue is what many professionals will use to gain an advantage over their opponents.


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    Making a customised pool cue at home is not as hard as some of you may think. Consider following some simple instructions and tips to perform this task without needing help from an expert. To be able to make pool cues at home, you will need a number of things. This is what you will need to get this job done: Lathe, Lathe cutting tools, Micrometer Tape measure 2-by-2 inch, maple wood 60 inches long (hard rock maple is preferred), Tip Drill and bit 8 mm in diameter Weight (lead/steel), Male/female cue joint 6-by-6 inch, felt pad 1/16 inch thick. Almost all these items can be purchased from your local hardware store.

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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have what it takes to successfully build a pool cue at home. You will be required to show determination and put in a lot of effort to get this job done. If you have what it takes to perform this task then consider setting up the lathe to blend your dowel from 2 inches down to 0.5 inch. You will need to position the end of the dowel strongly on the lathe, then keep the dowel in position while the lathe eliminates the timber from the dowel. It is strongly advised to sand the pool cue. Once pointed, sand the rotating dowel first with 100-grit sand paper and then repeat the process with the 400-grit sand paper.

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    Now form a connection between the cue tip to the pointed end of the pool stick. The cue tip kit will come with a unique timber adhesive that will keep the tip safe and not intervene when you are using the cue to play a shot.

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    Use the highly recommended polyurethane to finish your pool cue. If possible, implement at least two layers, then wait for it to dry before starting to play with your pool stick.

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