How to Execute the Armada Kick in Capoeira

When it comes to fighting, there are numerous methods through which one can cause damage to an opponent. If you travel to different parts of the world, you will see people using various fighting techniques.

There can be a long debate on whether which style is the most effective one, but that is not really important. The most essential thing is that you need to master the techniques properly no matter what fighting style you adopt.

One of the most interesting and stylish fighting techniques can be learnt through Capoeira. This is the Brazilian martial art fighting method and combines two very different things together. One of the basic moves it teaches is the armada kick, which is quite easy to learn.


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    Determine your kicking foot

    Before practicing the armada kick, you should determine your kicking foot. This is quite important, as you will have to put yourself accordingly. In some of the other fighting styles, you can afford to use any foot, but things are different when it comes to the Capoeira, as everything has to be perfectly managed in it.

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    Position your kicking foot behind

    Once you are aware of which foot to use in the kick, you can now position it in a fight.  You should have confident enough strength in your legs to cause damage to your opponent. Otherwise you might end up sustaining an injury. When you are ready, both physically and mentally, place your kicking foot backwards, so that you can gain momentum when hitting the other person.

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    Shift weight on your kicking foot

    Now, you will have to shift weight on your kicking foot, which means you will have to fall backwards slightly. You need to maintain good balance while positioning yourself otherwise you will end up falling on the floor.

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    Turn 180 degrees

    Take 180 degrees turn in the direction of your kicking foot. Let’s say you are using your right foot to deliver the kick, so you need to go in the same direction.

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    Turn another 180 degrees

    You are supposed to take another 180 degrees turn on your heel, so that you can gain a solid momentum. Once you complete the circle, you will be capable to deliver the kick to your opponent. Make sure that you apply maximum force in order to knock the other person down for good.

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