5 Video Games that will Give You Nightmares

There are people who actually love horror films to an extent that they even buy videogames that will give them nightmares. However, a horror story will not let you sleep for one night and that is it, but a video game will keep you involved to an extent that you will not be able to sleep and you will still be playing that game. Therefore, if you are a fan of horror movies and horror games, simply turn the lights out and start playing. It will scare you and the experience is going to be worth it.

We have listed down a few horror games which made it difficult for several people to sleep throughout the night.


  • 1

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    This game is about a person who is suffering from Amnesia and is residing inside his own castle. However, his castle is full of monster. While other games would give you weapons to kill those monsters, this game only allows you to hide from them in the dark.

  • 2

    Silent Hill 2

    The main character in this game is James Sunderland. This man does not look at the same world as all other people do. The objective of the game is quite different from all other games. You need to find out who your real enemy is. For this you need to explore into three things: the people of the town, the world he is looking into or he himself.

    silent hill 2
  • 3

    System Shock 2

    This game features a character named SHODAN. In the game it is shown that SHODAN is a character which is made by scientists in order to help the human kind. However, they lose control of him and now he is after you so he can kill you.

    system shock 2
  • 4

    Alone in the Dark

    As the name suggests, you eventually end up being alone in the dark. The game revolves around a certain investigator who is named Edward Carnby. The task is to uncover the powerful stone that was actually contained by Lucifer. There are several demons you encounter throughout your quest.

    alone in the dark
  • 5

    Haunting Ground

    This particular game revolves around Fiona who is the main character and wakes up in a cage after she has gone through a car accident. The only ally she has is a dog named Hewie; however, this dog may only follow her commands if she is treating him well.  

    haunting ground

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