How to Defend Polar Bears and Wolves

Bear and wolves are the most dangerous species among animals. If you have encountered each one of them in the past, you might have known the danger associated with the situation.

Grizzly and Kodiak bear stands out among the other species of its family of larger size. The characteristic of this deadly animal includes bright colours, thick and long hair and strong body. These features allow this proud animal to adapt to life in the harsh conditions even in winter.

Wolf, on the other hand, is predatory and dangerous creature. Often it is described a nightmare for anyone.

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    They say wolves howl because of loneliness and longing. A wolf's howl can scare majority of people. Wolves and bears like to stay away from public and if you can sense each one of them in a jungle, you should take out any weapon for your protection.

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    Carry necessary equipments or take safety measures before going to jungle. Safety equipment includes instrument that can lit fire at any given time, a rifle only if you have been granted a license by the state, an iron rod to scare them away, a lot of torches and flags of different colours.

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    Hunters, who once hunted a  wild bear or a wolf, will never forget the feelings, emotions and sensations they experienced during the encounter. However, bears are not very clever animals.

    It can actively defend to the last breath. The amazing thing about this animal is that it does not fall asleep right away. They mostly sleep at night and a few hours during the day. If you find a bear in front of you, do not resist and lie down on the ground and hold your breath as long as possible. Usually these animals do not eat dead living beings.

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    If you are about to sleep in between a place in the jungle, prepare the place and lit fire around you. Cut down necessary woods and circle them around your rest area. Now, burn these woods to scare the animals. Make sure that the woods are large enough to seal the area or the animals will make a jump inside in order to harm you.

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    Most animals are scared of lights. Charge the batteries before going to the jungle and place them at a higher place so that you can have a clear view of the surroundings at night.

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