How to Dehydrate Food Without a Traditional Dehydrator

A dehydrator is a device that uses low temperatures and a fan to remove water from food, while keeping the enzymes in it intact. People often use traditional dehydrators to make a wide range of dehydrated raw foods, including cookies, crackers, wraps, breads and a lot more. These dehydrators are expensive and usually ineffective as well – the reason being the production of excess heat. However, you can also create your own dehydrator using a few common household objects. These homemade dehydrators are not only economical but far more effective than the traditional dehydrators bought from stores. Besides creating a homemade dehydrator, there are several other natural ways as well, using which you can easily dehydrate your fresh fruits and vegetables.


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    Use your oven

    The first thing you can try to dehydrate food naturally is the oven in your kitchen. Thoroughly wash and dry the fruits or vegetables you want to dehydrate. Slice the raw foods, if necessary, and set them on a non-stick oven-proof dish in a single layer. Set your oven to the lowest possible temperature and place the dish containing raw food in the oven, keeping the door open. The timing will be different for different foods, but keep flipping the food occasionally until you achieve the desired results.

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    Use a mini toaster oven

    If you have a mini toaster oven with you, try using it to dehydrate your raw food. Place the food that you want to dehydrate on the toaster plate and set the oven to the lowest possible setting, keeping the door open. To avoid water condensation, keep the fan on. This will also speed up the dehydration process and ensure your food does not get soggy. Keep checking the food occasionally to keep it from burning.

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    Sun Dry

    If you live in a warm climate that enjoys extended sunny days, sun drying is the process you can use to naturally dehydrate your raw foods. Ideal temperature for dehydrating raw food is between 112 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit; however, the sun may get hotter than the recommended temperature. So keep flipping the food frequently to make sure your food is dehydrated and not deep fried.

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