How to Delete the Artboard in Illustrator

Anyone who has worked on Adobe Illustrator will be familiar with the “Artboard” tool, which allows designers to edit graphics for various media purposes, including Web and printing. With an option of adding 100 active artboards simultaneously to a document, it is only natural for the users to find themselves wanting to delete one or more artboards at some point. Fortunately, Adobe Illustrator has made the process of deleting artboards very simple, thus allowing designers to add artboards to their documents without any worries.


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    The first thing you need to do is to launch Adobe Illustrator and open the document with the artboard that you want to delete. You can launch the programme from the desktop of your computer. If you fail to locate the icon for Adobe Illustrator on the desktop, then click the “Start” menu in the bottom-left corner and then move the cursor to “All Programme.” Look for the programme in the new menu that appears on the screen.

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    Once you have opened the document in Adobe Illustrator, press “Shift-O” to switch to the artboard edit mode.

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    Now select the artboard that you want to remove by clicking on it.  Clicking the artboard will surround it with an edit box, made up of dashed lines and anchor points at both its corners as well as mid points. The name and number of the selected artboard will also be visible in the “Artboard panel,” located at the upper-left corner of the Artboard Illustrator panel, similar to how a selected layer is displayed in the Layers panel.

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    After you have selected the artboard you want to delete, press the “Backspace” key to remove it. Alternatively, you can click the “Delete” button, which can be found at the bottom of the Artboard panel. You can also delete the artboard by clicking the “Delete” button in the control panel. All three methods will delete the artboard, though not the artwork.

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